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Polo Pelo is a famous fashion stylist salon in barcelona, they always present nice performances to show the people their hair style. They are famous for their cuts, colors, and the nice and cool people who work at the salon. This time i will work with them, with one of the favorite pant design, some of their models are going to wear them, at the polo pelo show in ASIA, that is going to start today until next week.
This is AMAZING... thanks MARIO and SANDRA por pensar y creer en mi......



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Anaÿs La Riva (born February 11th 1983) is a Venezuelan fashion designer.

Anaÿs is from Valencia, Venezuela, she grew up in a family with a father who is a doctor and a mother who was a lawyer, one brother who chose to Follow his father into the medical profession and another brother who went out into the business world.

None of them ever thought about raising an artist, a fashion designer; a personality!. Even though the family men chose Classic professions, it was the inspiration of her mother and grandmother who brought her into the artistic world and who installed the love for art into her young daughter. In honor of her mother, she left her hometown and started her debut on the art scene in Tampa Florida by studying Graphic Design. In 2004 she moves to New York to further her studies in the same field, always knowing That the passion to create something of her own was strong.
All those inspirations, moved Her fearless to Spain (Barcelona) just later the same year, where she fulfilled her First own creative passion by finishing her Master in Jewellery Design and with a strong attitude and love for design, she started the IED Design school in Barcelona where she finished her fashion & textile career on June of 2008 and it the same time was honored to present her first collection as a Newcomer in Fashion at the colorful BREAD&BUTTER week in Berlin.

Anaÿs La Riva is not one to seek out the limelight, her secret is her strong tranquil personality and the passion about what she does… just like herself, she creates a collection of hidden details, by using such strong liberty and redefines the texture in each piece of her collections.

~Ivana Pesic

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